Fire Prevention Week 2018 

October 7th - 13th  

 Fire Safety Begins With You!   

   Fire prevention week was established to commemorate the great fire of Chicago, the tragic fire of 1871 which killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 people homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres. The fire began on 8 October, but continued in most of its damage at 09 October 1871.
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Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!"
According to popular legend, the fire occurred when a cow - belonging to Ms. Catherine O'Leary - kicked over a lamp, tighten first the barn, then throughout the city on fire. It is likely that you have heard some version of this story yourself; people have been blaming the great fire of Chicago in the cow and the Mrs. o ' Leary, for more than 130 years. But recent research by the historian of Chicago Robert Cromie has contributed to discredit this version of events.
Like any good story, the case of the cow has some truth in it. Almost certainly the great fire started near the barn where Ms. O'Leary maintained their five cows milking. But there is no evidence that O'Leary was in the barn when burst fire - or that a cow jumpy caused the fire. Ms. O'Leary she swore that she had been in bed early that night, and that the cows were also crammed the night. But if a cow was not to blame for the great fire, what was? Over the years, journalists and historians have offered plenty of theories. Some blamed the fire a couple of neighborhood boys who were near the barn sneaking cigarettes. Others believed that a neighbor of the O'Leary may have started the fire. Some people have speculated that a fiery meteorite may have fallen to Earth on 8 October, from several fires that day - in Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as in Chicago.
The week's largest fire was to wreck havoc on unprepared families. While the great Chicago fire was the best-known fire starts in this section two days burning, was not the greatest. This distinction goes to the fire in Peshtigo, the most devastating fire in American history. The fire, which also took place on 08 October 1871 and roared through Northeast Wisconsin, burning down 16 towns, killing 1,152 people and scorching 1.2 million acres before end. Historical accounts of the fire said that the fire began when several railroad workers clean earth for clues unintentionally started a brush fire. In a short time, the quick flames were whipping through the area as a tornado,' some survivors, said. It was the small town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, which suffered the worst damage. Within an hour, the entire city had been destroyed. This should let you understand how important Fire Prevention is and to be prepared for these fires with proper Fire Safety! Those who survived the Peshtigo and Chicago fires never forgot what had been both fire produced countless stories of bravery and heroism. But the fire also changed the way in which firefighters and Government officials conceived in fire safety. On the 40th anniversary of the great Chicago Fire, the marshalls of the fire Association of America of the North (today known as the international Fire Marshalls Association), decided that the anniversary of the great fire of Chicago from here on should be observed not with festivities, but in a way that keeps the public informed about the importance of fire prevention. The Memorial grew gradually official over the years.
In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson issued the first proclamation of national fire prevention day, and since 1922, fire prevention week has been observed on Sunday for period of Saturday in which falls on October 9. According to the national archives and the records of library information management center, fire prevention week is the longest running health and observance of the security in the registry. The President of the United States has signed a manifesto proclaiming a national observance during that week every year since 1925. 
Fire protection is the study and practice of mitigating the effects of unwanted potentially destructive fires. It includes the study of behaviour, compartmentalisation, suppression and fire research and its related emergencies, as well as research and development, production, testing and implementation of mitigation. In structures, whether they are land-based, offshore or even ships, owners and operators are responsible for maintaining its facilities on a basis of design that has its roots in the laws, including the local building code and code of fire which are applied by the authority in that jurisdiction. Buildings are to be manufactured in accordance with the version of the building code that is in effect when a request for a building permit is made. Building inspectors check the compliance of a building under construction with the building code. Once completed the construction, a building according to the current code of fire, which is executed by a local fire department fire prevention officers must be maintained. Fire fire emergencies, firefighters, investigators and other so-called fire prevention personnel to mitigate, investigate and learn from the damage of a fire. Lessons learned from fires are applied to the creation of both building codes and fire codes. Fire prevention week teaches families the importance of a fire safety and fire protection.

Fire Prevention is a function of many fire departments. Fire prevention aims to educate,raise awareness, and encourage  the population to take precautions to prevent potentially harmful fires and be educated about the survivors. It is a proactive method of reducing emergency and damage caused by them. Many fire departments have a fire prevention officer.

Students are often the main objective of fire prevention. Firefighters visit schools and teach students the basics of fire prevention. Workshops should be done in schools to educate students for the effects of fires and how to treat it and prevent fire
In many jurisdictions, the owners are responsible for implementing the prevention of fire and under laws other than fire safety measures

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Practice Fire Safety against fires and prevention and check smoke detector batteries monthly to ensure proper fire protection!!
Do you know that if a fire starts at home, the normal response time is that you have only about two minutes to escape?
The most effective way to protect yourself and protect your home from fire is to identify and eliminate the risk of fire. 
60 percent of all fire deaths inside of a house, takes place in homes without working smoke alarms
During a home fire, smoke alarms and a plan of escape from a fire that has been practiced regularly work, CAN save lives.


Fire Safety Tips
If a fire occurs in your home, GET OUT, stay out and call for help.
Install smoke alarms on each level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside areas sleeping.
Test smoke alarms once a month, if they are not working, change the batteries.
Talk to members of the family a plan exhaust fire and practice plan twice a year.